Wednesday, September 5, 2018

August 2018 Meeting Recap

Christine is showing us samples of the November lottery block - a Polaroid pattern.

Julie very proudly shows of her finished quilt consisting of colorful circles and pie wedges.

Here are four more Blocks of the Month that Sue has finished so far.

Heather has completely assembled the quilt top whose design consists of lots of sewing accouterments.

Jen displays a piece based on the idea of a “windy” block. Not sure what the original looks like, but a truly interesting result!

Regina is peeking out from behind her newly finished honey bee block quilt, finished by her mom.

Sandy explained how she made this fabulous quilt inspired by the art of Ernst Haeckel.

Here is Christine again with a piece based on a design by Carolyn Friedlander.

Jordan has made multiple blocks from the Quilt Block Cook Book and is showing two of his favorites.

An invisible Gwen is holding up a dramatic blue and white Ohio Star.

Here is a table runner that Reva has created just in time for Rosh Hashanah.

Allison shows off a very “positive” and colorful quilt.

Maritza displays a dramatic triangle and strip creation that may or may not be an octagon when finished.

A group effort putting together our charity quilt submission to QuiltCon 2109.

We were a few blocks shy to complete the quilt, so its designer, Abigail, jumped into action to make a few more squares.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

August 2018 Lottery Block: Fussy Cut Polaroid Block

August 2018 Lottery Block: Fussy Cut Polaroid Block
Due at the November 2018 Meeting

This month's block is brought to you be Christine Quirion

With this block, you’ll create “Polaroid” photo block to showcase interesting prints, fussy cut images, charm squares or tiny piecing in a photo style frame. Each Polaroid gets a gray outer frame, and the finished block illustrates 4 interesting Polaroid images.

Colors: All of the “picture” centers of your Polaroids should include dark/navy Blue. The images don’t have to be entirely blue, but a common thread of one color will tie the finished lottery blocks together. The four Polaroid blocks that you sew together should relate to one another visually or thematically.

Fabric Requirements for completed 4-Polaroid Block:
  • Four 3.5 x 3.5 squares for center images of Polaroids that contain the color dark Blue 
  • ⅛ yard of white 
    • 1 inch WOF (width of fabric) strips for tops and sides of each Polaroid frame 
    • 1.5 inch WOF for bottom of each Polaroid frame 
  • ¼ yard of gray fabric for outer frame 
    • 2 inch WOF strips 
Based on this tutorial, there are no changes to the dimensions or instructions:

  • White (Kona white or similar) 
    • 1 inch WOF (width of fabric strips for tops and sides of each Polaroid frame 
    • 1.5 inch WOF for bottom of each Polaroid frame 
  • Gray (Kona Medium Gray or similar) 
    • 2 inch WOF strips 

Subcut: into 8 strips of 2 X 8.5 and 8 strips of 2 x 4.5

Trimming sizes (from tutorial link above):
  • Trim each Polaroid including gray outer frame to 6.5 inches square 
  • Trim each 4-Polaroid Block to 12.5 inches square 
Note: Is OK if one or more individual Polaroid centers are set wonky as you trim. The images are the star and wonkiness can help blocks made by different people go together for the lottery winner.

Example finished 4 Polaroid block trimmed to 12.5 inches using the Emerald Coast MQG tutorial:

Saturday, August 25, 2018

SOCIAL SEW IN ANNOUNCEMENT! Sept 29th at the Lexington Community Center!

This event is open to the public! Join us on September 29th in Room 327 at the Lexington Community Center from 9am to 4:45pm for some social sewing. Visit our Meetings and Gatherings page for more info. Looking forward to sewing with you!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

June 2018 Lottery Block

June 2018 Lottery Block

The lottery block is due at the August Meeting and is brought to you be Rebecca Sachs

Here is the tutorial! 

The blocks should be at 7.5" finished (8" with seam allowance) 

Center edge: Black solid or black patterned fabric.
Triangle bits: White or very low volume white fabric
Center Cross and Corner X's: Mix of bright citrus colored fabrics - Yellow, Green, Orange, Coral, Pink, & Red!  The the types of colors on this page would all be great (

This is just an example of the block and does not have the correct colorwary:

Monday, June 4, 2018

May 27, 2018 Show-and-Tell

Patrice started off with this quilt she made at the Anna Maria Horner workshop. Great combinations of curved lines and squares!

Christine showed off this dramatic “Embrace The Stripe” quilt from a class she attended at Quiltcon.
 Did I mention it’s dramatic?

Christine seems quite satisfied with this cheerful flamingo duo - the backing fabric has flamingos as well. Nice touch!

Caroline continues to create dazzling color combinations, this time with tons of HSTs. This is her generous contribution to Camp Erin.

Rebecca is also contributing a quilt for Camp Erin - this graphic 3D block quilt. Pattern please!

Hildy shows off an almost completed Drunkard’s Path, back and front. The back is uncharacteristically low-volume for her.

Felicity created this quilt consisting of American Flags quite a while ago, but only finished it recently. She expressed a sincere thanks for the input of fellow guild members’ in choosing a border.

Our guild is not just about quilts - here Heather shows us this gorgeous striped pillow.  I love the pompoms on the border.

Reva has sewn up these two jelly roll quilts after a recent hand problem: she chose to make jelly roll quilts because they are “thumb-friendly.”

Natasha: Wanted to clear out her pink stash and had enough to make two quilts - two tops and one back. That’s a lot of pink fabric!

And finally, a very serious Dahlia  displays this lovely diagonally designed quilt - simple and striking.

Thanks everybody - see you at the end of June.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Quitcon 2018 Charity Quilt

QuiltCon 2018 CMQG Charity Quilt

The CMQG is pleased to be raffling off the community quilt that we made for QuiltCon 2018! This quilt was designed and created in a group effort following the rules for the MQG, which set the color palette and theme of “Traditional Quilts Made Modern”.

Entitled “Radient Nine-Patch” (and designed by our very own Charlotte Howard), this eye-catching quilt will liven up any room! Based on a traditional Nine-Patch block in a modern setting, the warm colors flow from the inside out.

We are collaborating with Gather Here to raise funds to send kids to sewing camp held at Gather Here this summer.  100% of the proceeds from the raffle will be used to sponsor one or more teens at the week-long sewing camp at Gather Here. And even better....Gather Here is matching the donations! This camp introduces students to the functional creativity of sewing for fashion or quilting and may lead to the next generation of fiber artists.
The back was pieces from leftovers in the same color scheme!

Purchase your raffle tickets in person at Gather Here until May 31 and the winner will be contacted on or about June 1, 2018.
Raffle is being conducted in accordance with the Cambridge License Commission.  100% profit goes towards the Kids Camp Scholarship Fund.

Monday, April 30, 2018

April Meeting recap

This month’s show-and-tell.

Sandi started us off with a medium-sized piece made during a Maria Shell technique Workshop; the patchwork is made in strips which are then sewed together.  Much of the fabric was hand-died by Sandi herself.

Rebecca presented a piece made using a “curvy log cabin” technique in beautiful spring colors.  Thank you Rebecca for giving us a spring time which still has not made an appearance in Boston.  She will now mail it off to her mother will do the actual quilting. What a lucky gal!

Hildy has finished her triangle challenge.  She replaced several squares to break up the all-blue-ness of the piece. She also showed a drunkard’s path made from a previous stack-and-whack mini quilt and corresponding low-volume colors.

Sue is showing off 6 blocks from this year’s BOM challenge. I think I see influences of Lilly Pulitzer in her color choices - am I right?

Gail also made a piece in Maria Shell’s workshop.  She made a lot of changes to it which explains its small-but-fabulous style.

Regina had to steal this quilt back from the mom-and-baby recipients simply to show it off at today’s meeting. It’s a Suzy Quilts pattern using her winnings from a game of Left Right Center.

Laurie claims that she never finishes anything, but she just took a long-arm class, and she was able to finish this log cabin quilt (also in springy colors) - Hurray!

Chris chose to show something more autumnal with her Pumpkin quilt.  Although you can’t see the quilt stitching in his photo, the stitching lines reflect the shapes of the pumpkins.

After two years, Kim has a finally finished quilt from Fourth and Sixth Designs called Full Bloom. Everyone loved its asymmetry.  In order to finish this piece, there was a lot of “wax paper and gluing” involved. Yikes!  Kim also showed us her redo of a quilter’s planner with pages for keeping track of your projects; she has kindly agreed to share the PDFs of the pages so you can make your own - thanks!

Rebecca is always busy with something, so at today’s meeting she showed us a few BOMs (only one photo came out - sorry!), and two beautiful pillows, the second one a product of a workshop taught by Juicy Juice.  She claims this particular pillow was made to use up scraps but, somehow, ended up producing more. Hmmm....

Nicole literally finished this Lizzy House fat quarter quilt just minutes before our meeting began. Lots of the fabric has cat prints - very cute.

Maritza has made a spectacular quilt with radiating triangles, in both color and quilting.  It is based on barn paintings by Kristin Farr; in other words, a quilt based on a painting based on quilts.

And our fearless leader, Allison, wrapped up show-and-tell with a show of multiple BOMs, some of which were uncooperative by not staying attached to the felt. She also put her personal spin on another BOM, which is something that many other members participating in the BOM are doing as well.

Kudos to everyone who took part in today’s Show and Tell!!