Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Meeting Recap

Maritza lays it down for the hand quilters.
Looking through this November recap you might think "Wow, what an amazing group. We're so fun and innovative. We make such cool stuff. Geez, I'm not usually this shallow, but we're so attractive." Of course these things have always been true, but this is the first time our recap post has captured our all-around fabulousness so accurately. That's because this month Taz of Bring To Light Photography has taken the photos. So enjoy scrolling through what we really look like!

We had a great demonstration by Maritza Soto and Julie Reuben on hand sewing. Maritza started with the ins-and-outs, or maybe ups-and-downs (in a continuous rocking motion) of hand quilting.

She's using pink, because hand quilting should be seen.

If you're not familiar with the quilter's knot, it will revolutionize your hand sewing.

Julie Reuben shows us her beaded quilting and a world of possibility opens.

Two words: seed beads

Julie blends more than one color bead to give it more texture.

Then it was time to collect the food and hygiene products for Cambridge Rindge and Latin's Falcon Pantry. You all gave super plus mountains of goods and CRLS asked us to pass on an enthusiastic thank you for all your donations.

CMQG makes sure everyone is covered.
Our Alternative Materials challenge deadline finally arrived and with it some really cool and unusual quilts:

Gwen made the most luscious and cuddly baby quilt;
double gauze on the front and minky on the back.

Sue's beautiful Blue Heron quilt, made from denim and Marimekko canvas ...

...was beautifully designed and executed, both front and back.

Julie wasn't thrilled with her fall leaves (made from wool suiting) when she put them all together.

So she tried again with an eye on bringing out the negative space
and was thrilled with the result.

Kaesmene's festive and soft santa hat quilt was made with cotton sateen velvet and minky.
Each hat was quilted with a different stitch using gold thread,
hitting the perfect note between fancy and cuddly.

Julia's quilt, made from oil cloth, reflective tape, canvas and something furry,
is a masterpiece of variety from reflective to matte - all in black.

Charlotte showed off her awesome and textured ski quilt from clothes in her closet. Materials ranged from
white leather to gray fur and something kind of shiny that made the old half square triangle look like something we'd never seen before.
Allison showed off her vibrant Sparkle Punch quilt made
from lawn, canvas, linen, gauze and a touch of Liberty.

Kathy made this futuristic shower curtain quilt that made us all rethink what we have hanging in our bathrooms. 

And then it was on to our usual show-and-tell where you all continued to impress:

Kim made this beautiful junior king quilt for her lucky daughter.

We can't wait to see what she makes with her little birdies!

Heather and Rebecca shared some of their stuff from Glamp Stitchalot,
including these stripped pieces from a class with Sherri Lynn Wood...

...these four-square stack and whack quilt-letts they worked on with Nicholas Ball...

... and these tops made with literal tops (shirts) made with Luke Hayes.

Rebecca also showed us this lovely hand appliqued quilt that she
had barely started at Sew Boston (was that just a month ago?)

Gretchen's festive tree skirt from Modern Patchwork Christmas
is a wonder of Cotton & Steel holiday fabrics.

We were all excited about the border and varied yellow background
 that Reva used in this quilt inspired by A Quilter's Table.

Chris got so into our lotto block that she made a whole quilt
and showed us how it was done! We love how the border and colors
gave it a totally different feel from the original.
FINALLY we got to the pièce de résistance: our QuiltCon charity quilt. If this quilt is a reflection of the CMQG, we have a lot to be proud of: talented designers in our midst; dedicated quilters who came together at numerous sew-ins to get this done, and done early; and support from generous indie businesses Gather Here, Cambridge Quilt Shop and Laurena's Longarm that gave us places to work and machines to use at no charge because they're just cool peeps. A special thanks to Gwen Marceline who kept us on track, showed up for everything and insisted on an early finish (we're all thanking her for that now, eh?) and to Jenn McPhilimy who came up with our reptilian scale design and took on finishing up the front and sewing the whole back, solo. 

The finished masterpiece...

...and because you can't have too many pics of this.

The back

The 'snake' pieced by Jen, from the teeny-tiniest, waste-nothing scraps.
Thanks to all for making the first year of the CMQG as great as it was - now it's off to 2017!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Meet Your (quilt) Maker: Julie Reuben

This weekend we're thankful for our talented members who share their expertise with the rest of us! December is always a whirlwind for crafters, but this Sunday Julie Reuben and Maritza Soto will teach us a thing or two about s-l-o-w-i-n-g it down and remembering to appreciate the process, with hand quilting and beading. You can read more about the lovely Maritza here.

Now meet Julie Reuben; she showed us this fantastic quilt at our last meeting:

What’s your favorite podcast/music/audiobook genre to listen to when you quilt?

I usually listen to first-person story or documentary style podcasts. Among my favorites these days are "Not by Accident," "Strangers," "The Kitchen Sisters" and "The Moth." 

What sewing skill are you most proud of?

My use of color. 

What skill are you itching to master?

I want to learn how to cut on the grain and sew a consistent 1/4 inch seam.  As you might guess, precision is not my strong suit.  But I am getting better.  There are many more "advanced" skills I would like to master, particularly working with triangles of various kinds. 

Do you sew for a living?

No.  I don't produce nearly enough to sew for a living. 

What kind of fabric are you most attracted to?

I love shot cottons and other cross weave solids.  

The Now Side

Tell us about the quilt that means the most to you and why. This doesn’t have to be one that you made. 

My partner and I have been foster parents.  We had one boy with us for 16 months who loved spiderman.  I wanted to make a quilt that both spoke to me and would be something that was his.  I decided to make a two sided quilt, one side that I imagined he would like as an adult and one side that he would like immediately.  For the adult side, I used a block tutorial that Hilary Goodwin (Entropy Always Wins) wrote. 

The Later Side

How/When did you start quilting?

I am not sure.  Maybe 6 years ago.  I evolved into quilting.  I was teaching myself bead embroidery and I wanted a "platform" to work on.  I really liked the idea of useful things and I made a couple of quilt/beaded table runners with place mats and napkins.  Learning the sewing skills to do these exposed me to the world of quilting and particularly modern quilting.  I learned to sew as a child but I was terrible at it and did not enjoy it (all I remember is ripping out seams when I did not sew right sides together and knots of bobbin thread breaking my needle).  But I so loved what I saw that I gradually started to make quilts.   

From designing and picking fabrics to watching a recipient’s face when they see your quilt for the first time, what is your favorite part of the whole process?

My favorite stages are imagining a project in my mind and then seeing what it looks like as it is actually turned into fabric. 

What do you do get over a hump when you get stuck on a quilt?

Put it aside and work on something else until I feel like I understand how to move forward. 

What kind of other crafts are you into besides quilting?

I started crafting because I love beads.  I wanted to bead on fabric but it was too hard so I took a detour into making bead jewelry.  I still do that some.  Beading on quilted objects took me to embroidery.  Now I mainly combine quilting with beading or quilting with embroidery.   

Where’s your fave place to eat in Cambridge?

Oh my, I'm not sure.  Our favorite splurge place used to be East Coast Grill, but I heard it closed.  We like Dumpling House. 

Do you have any favorite blogs/insta accounts we should know about? And where can we find you on the internet?

I have a IG account, b_plus_q and I upload to Flickr and Pinterest using my name.  I follow a lot of modern quilters and modern embroiderers on IG.  My favorite blog is Stitched in Color by Rachel Hauser.

Anything else you want us to know about you?

I don't have any friends who quilt so its great to get to know some quilters in real life.

See you all Sunday!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

October Meeting Recap

We had a great presentation from Felicity Lufkin about the 'modern' (or postmodern) in modern quilting. It was great to see you all and catch up! If you missed our meeting here's what you need to know:

-  Renew your membership for 2017 here. Membership will open to our waitlist on December 1st so       do it now if you want a spot!
-  Sign up for our Quilt Camp is OPEN. Sign up here. You must renew membership to sign up.
-  Respond to the CMQG email to sign up for positions/jobs for 2017.
-  Our final step in the QuiltCon submission is long-arming on November 12th at 9:30 a.m.

Don't forget to bring any or all of these things to our November meeting:

- Lottery cross blocks
- Alternative Materials Quilt Challenge submissions
- A food/personal hygiene item for Cambridge students - learn what they need here.

And now, for show and tell:

Heather started us off with this intricately paper-pieced pillowcase, a 2 year project!

And another beautiful paper-pieced pillowcase

Laurie was next with this colorful stained glass

We loved this log cabin meets paper-piecing top

And this fabulous denim top for the Alternative Material Challenge
Many of us have admired the early stages of Carolyn's stylish  trench coat -
it involves miles of piping, but the contrast is what makes it!
Allison showed off her Sew Boston Swap loot from Carolyn

This is one of the three pretty blocks from a Jessee Maloney pattern Allison is testing.

and this spectacular tribute to Donkey Kong!

Taz got to practice perfect curves on this happy baby quilt.
Kim made these cool variations on a theme.
Julie showed off her finally-finished cat quilt.

Her ornament quilt...
.... and the crazy quilting visible on the faux fur back.
Rebecca made this pretty patchwork.
Fantastic color play on Kristen's quilt

Julie finished this stunning applique over a pieced top.

This striking hand quilting/embroidery is also by Julie.
Reva turned her tiny piecing from Chawne Kimber's workshop into this eye-catching mini-quilt.
Felicity used this lovely top to practice her free motion quilting...
which looked amazing!
Maritza shared this vibrant and inspiring Nasty Hillary quilt.
Trish calls this dazzling version of Amy Garrow's Icy Waters, Stormy Waters.
We're looking forward to seeing you all at our November meeting!