Monday, May 8, 2017

April Meeting Recap

It was great to see you all at our April meeting - many thanks to Rebecca for hosting us at her lovely home. We know many of you made out well at the fabric swap and we can't wait to see what you do with your new scraps and fat quarters! We got a great preview of our quilt show (Gather Here, THIS WEEKEND) since submissions were due. So here's a sneak peek if you missed the meeting!

T's sooo fetch Mean Girls inspired mini.

Stephanie's drunkard's path modernized into a pretty flower

Rebecca's vibrant new take on the old 9 patch

and Noodlehead tote bag (her advice, skip the front pocket!)

Carolyn's bursting mini Mariner's Compass urges us to just keep going!

and her lovely kiss quilt, quilted on a domestic!

Hildy's wonky disappearing 9 patch, made AFTER her machine died at retreat!

Hildy's Camp Erin contribution, a pleasing mix of stripe width and direction

Hildy made this and the following red hot quilts for her neighbor's lucky grandchildren!

Rebecca's two-tone Mariner's Compass is inspiring a set of placemats!

Lots of ohs and ahs for this blue wonder of Rebecca's designed with three sizes of log cabins.
Do you see the seahorse made out of seahorse fabric at the bottom?

We saw this colorful top of Rebecca's a few meetings ago,
 but now it's been beautifully hand quilted by her mother!

Chris's clever drunkard's path owl, complete with drunkard's path branches!

Julie's Moral Compass mini

Julie's "This One's for the Lawyers" quilt, inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Dissent Collar.

Sue's seasonally-spot-on drunkard's path tulip with interesting background repeats.

Kathy's mini-mariner's compass, with beautiful feather-like spikes. 

We were mesmerized by the two-tone fabric that blurred
the lines on Kim's flying geese.

Kim's second flying geese with intricate quilting

Kim's black and white scrap quilt made from the scraps of a different project!

Christine's modern take on flying geese played with fun colors and fabrics.

Jessica's neo 9 patch made with fabrics from retreat!

Mary's new take on the 9 patch that perfectly coordinates with her hair

Jared's clever creation, where there is just one rainbow per log cabin piece.

Jared's cool moon phase banner, his first raw edge applique project.
And note the hand embroidered flowers on his sweatshirt as you'll likely see more over the coming months!

Heather's mini with the color contrasts, size variation and creative quilting hitting all the right spots!

Lovely color and quilting choices on Jordan's flying geese.

Jane playing with drunkard's path, we were in awe of her circular quilting - she credits a Christa Watson tutorial.

Charlotte's lively mariner's compass included itty-bitty mermaid tails!

This is Melissa's cool and hand quilted log cabin

and Kaesmene's bluesy log cabin!

Fun quilting on Abigail's flying geese

Gwen's flying geese also had amazing quilting - that's not patterned fabric!

Maritza's precise mod log cabin 

Joanne's wonky log cabin

Ali's vibrant log cabin surrounding an actual log cabin!

Laurie's spiral of flying geese may have been hard, but it was worth it!

And because it's not always quilting around here,
 Laurie's hand-knit mermaid tail!

Joy's beautiful geese in flight
Come see them all in person this weekend as part of Cambridge Open Studios. If you can't make it, we'll see you all at the end of the month back at Gather Here. Get quilting!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Meet Your (quilt) Maker: Laurie Bock

Have you finished your challenge quilt for our show at Gather Here next month as part of Cambridge Open Studios? Not to worry if you aren't done yet - Laurie Bock is fielding the final flurry of questions ("you said 'bind with a bright color,' is white considered a bright color?"). As 2017's Cambridge MQG VP she's taken on the daunting task of issuing guild challenges, organizing the big show, and picking up slack wherever and whenever needed. So we thought it was time you knew a little more about the lady who's keeping us/it all together this month!

Meet Laurie Bock:

What’s your favorite podcast/music/audiobook genre to listen to when you quilt?

I actually binge watch TV shows and movies as I sew.  You know when you are flipping through Netflix and say to yourself, "That show looks ridiculous. Who would watch that?" Well the answer is, unfortunately, me. I generally look for shows that are silly and easy to follow especially since my iron and sewing machine are in different rooms and so I end up missing many important plot points of more serious shows. I also tend to be very focused on what I'm doing while sewing and the TV is more background noise rather than actually holding my attention. I also re-watch some of my favorite series such as How I Met Your Mother, Psych, and New Girl since I already know what happens. 

What sewing skill are you most proud of?

I think I am most proud of my paper piecing skills. The only exposure I've had to actually being taught how to paper piece was a quilting sampler class where the block itself was pretty simple shapes. Paper piecing is one of my favorite techniques in quilting, mostly because the perfectionist in me just loves how easy it is to get perfect corners. I think I'm pretty proud of how far I've come paper piecing wise, from that initial lesson 10ish years ago, and paper piecing makes its way into most of my quilts. 

This was a paper pieced wall hanging that I made for my parent's family room.
I have since made another for myself in blacks, whites, and blues.

What skill are you itching to master?

I looking to master free motion quilting. Before this guild, I would finish quilts only using stitch in the ditch quilting techniques and now I've expanded a bit more to getting out of the ditch but still quilting with my walking foot. I'm a bit afraid of learning to quilt with my free motion foot but it's something that I would like to master and hope I can learn and continue to be inspired by all of our CMQG members. 

Do you sew for a living?

By day I am a chemical engineer working at a really small start up called Genometry, Inc. We do gene expression profiling and are located in the heart of Kendall Square. I am attempting to start selling small quilts and knitted projects as a side job on Etsy but I haven't really expanded that out too much yet. 

This is a quilt that I gave to my dad for Christmas.
The pattern is Elephant Abstractions by Violet Craft.

What kind of fabric are you most attracted to?

I'm really into bright low volume fabrics, basically fabrics that read as a single color. Also I absolutely love batiks and I love mixing them with prints! 

Tell us about the quilt that means the most to you and why. This doesn’t have to be one that you made. 

I'm going to interpret this question as 'what's the piece you are most proud of and why,' if that's okay because all of my quilts are from me and were just fun to make. The piece I am most proud of is a dress that I made completely out of comics from the Sunday issue of the paper for a recycling challenge my senior year in high school. It was extremely delicate to handle and held together with duct tape as well as thread, but I was really proud of how it came out.  The skirt was made out of three layers to give it the poof, and each sheet of newspaper was sewn to the next so that there were not any gaps in the dress. 

How/When did you start quilting?

I've basically been sewing all my life, from when I was old enough to hold a needle. Both my mother and grandmother were big sewers and crafters and so it was just something we did growing up. Between knitting and sewing my grandmother would make us all sorts of things but the most memorable was the matching pajama pants she would make every year for the whole family. My mom went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and absolutely loves sewing apparel. To name a few things, she made her own prom dresses, which I later used for dress up, made my First Holy Communion gown, and made all of our Halloween costumes. When I was in 5th or 6th grade we went to a nearby sewing store and my mom and I picked out a sewing/embroidery machine for me to use. Up until this point I had been sharing my mom's. The store we bought the machine at offered a Saturday sampler quilting class where you would learn to make one block a month and by the end of the year you had a quilt top. From that class I learned so many different techniques and styles of blocks and that's when I really got into quilting. 

This quilt is made up of the first block that I learned to paper piece - Snail's Trail

From designing and picking fabrics to watching a recipient’s face when they see your quilt for the first time, what is your favorite part of the whole process?

Hmmm so that's a tricky one. Those of you who know me, know that I really dislike finishing quilts. The sandwiching, quilting, binding aspect is my least favorite part so I haven't completely finished too many quilts. I do however have a bunch of completed tops and I would say my favorite part is piecing and watching all the fabrics I picked twist and dance into their designed positions to make something quite beautiful.  

What do you do get over a hump when you get stuck on a quilt?

I usually start a new project and come back to it later. I tend to have many projects happening at once. If I'm really over a project, I try to give myself a deadline and that usually forces me to work on it. 

This was a bit of selfish sewing from the retreat. I found this quilt kit on Craftsy and
really loved the gradation of colors so I bought it and hopefully will back it soon. 

What kind of other crafts are you into besides quilting?

I love all types of crafts. If you can imagine it, I've probably tried it, or want to. The other crafts that I put a lot of time into would have to be cross stitching and knitting. I am always knitting. Currently I've been trying to make a bunch of mermaid blankets in order to start an Etsy shop but that's still a work in progress.  

Where’s your fave place to eat in Cambridge?

Most of my favorite spots are technically in Somerville like Posto and Saloon, so I think my favorite spot to eat in Cambridge would have to be Christopher's over by Porter Square. The breakfast nachos at Christopher's are amazing! However if we are talking dessert, the froyo at Berryline is excellent!

Do you have any favorite blogs/insta accounts we should know about? And where can we find you on the internet?

I've really been into @misterdomestic 's and @keatonquilts 's feed lately. @misterdomestic has a great amount of fun project photos and tutorials while @keatonquilts has a ton of liberty project photos and giveaways, as well as the perfect amount of pictures of his dog Diane Keaton. My instagram name is @thequirkycrafter and I tend to post about my ongoing and finished crafty projects!

We look forward to seeing Laurie, you, and your brightly bound minis at our meeting next week!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

March Meeting Recap

The first meeting of spring drew a lovely crowd, excited to learn about the Silhouette from Abigail. We got to see all that she does and even try it out on some of our own fabrics.

Our show and tell at the March meeting was the largest we've ever had - and without our professional photographer on hand (we SO missed you Taz!), the need for photo editing was a bit intense. Sorry if the colors of your quilt did not come out accurately, I'm working with an iPhone 5 here!

Kaesmene's Camp Erin quilt

Kaesmene's cool (get it?) quilt for her son, Indigo.

Kaesmene's paper pieced bee quilt has us ready for summer already!

Kaesmene's quilt for her daughter, who chose the fabrics.

Regina's quilt for a lucky baby boy

Pin this for later - Regina turned an 18" quilt into a pillow AND
used it to practice Sashiko.

How sweet is Regina's camping jumper?

and little produce tote with beet ribbon trim?

Heather s soothing round robin quilt.

Rebecca managed to finish this amazing baby blanket just in time.

Gretchen's Camp Erin quilt

Another baby blanket, this sweet spacey one by Gretchen for her brother's friend

And another one Gretchen whipped together for her boss's baby.

Wondering about that screen printing class at QuiltCon with Karen Lewis?
Gretchen went, and look at her little rainclouds!

Can't wait to see how she uses these!

Joanne has already finished her quilt for our Open Studios/Quilt Show challenge.
That bright border beautifully frames her modern take on the log cabin block.

We are in LOVE with Jeanne's rainbow sewing machine from a pattern by Amy Friend.

And these sweet houses she made for a friend.

Yoli pieced this lovely quilt.

and these happy Dresden Plates

Gwen has gone Camp Erin crazy with this sporty quilt,

this jelly roll,

my personal favorite, the farm quilt (the back is covered in horses),

and she rounded it out with another sporty one!

Gwen also did this peaceful Aqua Waters quilt from Amy Friend's new book

Rachel also finished up her challenge quilt early with this modern take
on the traditional disappearing nine patch.

And a bigger version (I think this is Rachel's too, but not sure, comment if I'm wrong!)

We love this Make quilt that Rebecca started at Sew Boston and finished at Quilt Camp!

Jessica made some awesome pot holders with quilty leftovers.

Jessica's vibrant 3D quilt shows off some beautiful fabrics.

Reva finished up this jelly roll quilt for a GLAD auction

and this happy one as well.

Allison shared her Wonder Woman quilt, a gift from our guild on the occasion of our first anniversary.
If you didn't hear about it, it was because we were trying to keep it secret, but it's from you too!

A lovely baby quilt Allison made from the leftovers of...

THE BEAST. A quilt so large no one sleeping under it
can ever accuse their bedmate of having stolen the covers.

Allison's bubble quilt is pieced and also quilted in bubbles.

Charlotte's striking modern drunkard's path

Sandy's beautiful statement quilt

And this amazing number that she made with the help of a Silhouette!

Felicity was practicing spirals on this cool number.

The dark background on this one really made the colors pop.

Heather's aunt requested quilts for all the cousins made out of her old dresses.
Good thing she has such good and colorful taste!

Another cousin quilt from Heather and her aunt.

Hildy's working her way through the quilter's cookbook. 

One of the things I love about a guild is how you start to recognize people's color choices.
This is a Hildy block if ever I've seen one!

As is this!

Sarah finished this sophisticated quilt just in time for Mother's Day.

Sarah also did this caterpillar quilt, cleverly shaped like a butterfly.

She's also working on this creative project with school kids, teaching them to design their own
blocks on paper that she then sews up with fabric. 

Kim had this old top lying around and found new ways to quilt it. 

And last but not least, Jen showed us her challenge quilt -
a modern take on the traditional log cabin.

That's it for your March wrap-up! There are only two weeks until our next meeting - so get cracking on your minis, which are due then. Meeting location TBA. Also, if you're hungry for a quilt show before then, stop by the Newton Library where Sandy has an exhibit up through the end of April!

Enjoy this warmish weather and keep sewing.