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September Lottery Block of the Month - Due September Meeting

The Lottery Block due at the September meeting is the Ribbon Star Quilt Block by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Modern Quilts from her Solstice Star Series.

The block is 12.5" unfinished (12" finished).

Please use Kona solid White fabric for the background, and four different colors and fabrics for each corner unit (see photo). Please use prints for all corner fabrics, or a combination of prints and solids. Saturated colors are best, and please avoid brown, black, and gray.

Here is a link to the Faith Jones tutorial for the block construction and assembly.

Make as many as you like for the September meeting, each block you make will get you one ticket in the lottery.

The Triangle Challenge - Due October Meeting

What time is it CMQG? 

It's time for another Quilt Challenge! 

Get ready to use triangles in new and creative ways! Coincidentally, (well, not really, it was kind of on purpose) our challenge dovetails nicely with the flying geese challenge hosted by QuiltCon 2018. So get cracking and take advantage of the opportunity to enter your quilt in both!

This challenge is going to have two levels, which means two chances for prizes! For the first prize, all the first level requirements must be met. The second level is optional and both first and second level requirements must be met to be eligible for the second prize.

Level 1 Requirements:
  • The quilt top does not need to be a rectangle or any standard shape but must be at least 36’’ in one direction, so feel free to get creative!
  • Any types of triangles can be used (equilateral, flying geese, HST, wonky), but at least 75% of the quilt top should be made up of triangle pieces
  • This is a piecing challenge so there must be at least 25 sew lines (25 places where two pieces of fabric were sewn together)

Level 2 Requirements:
  • All Level 1 requirements must be met
  • All fabrics must read one color and fall into one of the following groups: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White
  • Optional: You may use a subcategory color such as pink, olive, teal, etc. but it is not required.
  • Prints may be used but other colors in the print should be used sparingly and the fabric must read as the color you chose.

Only the QUILT TOP needs to be completed by the October 29th deadline. You can put off sandwiching, quilting or binding it (though keep in mind that the QuiltCon Challenge deadline is November 30th). Only one quilt top per person can be entered for prizes, but hey, if inspiration hits and you would like to show us multiple options at our October meeting, we would love to see them!

As always, Instagram updates are appreciated! Tag #cambridgemqg and #showyourMQG and we might ask to highlight the work on the CMQG Instagram account and/or blog.

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