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March Lottery Block 
For every one lottery block you enter, you get one raffle ticket towards winning all of the blocks in the pool.  Blocks are due at the MARCH meeting.   The tutorial for this block is courtesy of Art Gallery Fabrics. 
For fabric A (printed fabric that reads as one color) CUT:
-(2) 3&1/2 inch squares
-(2) 3&1/2 x 6&1/2 inch rectangle
-(1) 3&7/8 inch square
For fabric B (low volume neutral) CUT:
-(1)3&1/2 inch square
-(1)3&7/8 inch square

Step 1:
Start by taking the Fabric B 3&1/2 square and sewing one 3&1/2 square of Fabric A to the top of the Fabric B square. Sew other 3&1/2 inch Fabric A block to bottom of Fabric B block. 
This will make the middle column. 

Step 2:
Use the two in one method to make two Half square triangles from the 3&7/8 squares of both Fabric A and B. Square up the half square triangles to 3&1/2 inches. 

Step 3: 
Sew one half square triangle to one of your Fabric A rectangles so that Fabric B is on your top left corner. Repeat with the other rectangle and half square triangle so that Fabric B is you bottom left corner. This will make your two outer columns. 

Step 4:
Sew your outer columns to your middle column from step 1 using the diagram provided. Square up block to 9 inches.

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