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August 2018 Lottery Block: Fussy Cut Polaroid Block
Due at the November 2018 Meeting

This month's block is brought to you be Christine Quirion

With this block, you’ll create “Polaroid” photo block to showcase interesting prints, fussy cut images, charm squares or tiny piecing in a photo style frame. Each Polaroid gets a gray outer frame, and the finished block illustrates 4 interesting Polaroid images.

Colors: All of the “picture” centers of your Polaroids should include dark/navy Blue. The images don’t have to be entirely blue, but a common thread of one color will tie the finished lottery blocks together. The four Polaroid blocks that you sew together should relate to one another visually or thematically.

Fabric Requirements for completed 4-Polaroid Block:
  • Four 3.5 x 3.5 squares for center images of Polaroids that contain the color dark Blue 
  • ⅛ yard of white 
    • 1 inch WOF (width of fabric) strips for tops and sides of each Polaroid frame 
    • 1.5 inch WOF for bottom of each Polaroid frame 
  • ¼ yard of gray fabric for outer frame 
    • 2 inch WOF strips 
Based on this tutorial, there are no changes to the dimensions or instructions:

  • White (Kona white or similar) 
    • 1 inch WOF (width of fabric strips for tops and sides of each Polaroid frame 
    • 1.5 inch WOF for bottom of each Polaroid frame 
  • Gray (Kona Medium Gray or similar) 
    • 2 inch WOF strips 

Subcut: into 8 strips of 2 X 8.5 and 8 strips of 2 x 4.5

Trimming sizes (from tutorial link above):
  • Trim each Polaroid including gray outer frame to 6.5 inches square 
  • Trim each 4-Polaroid Block to 12.5 inches square 
Note: Is OK if one or more individual Polaroid centers are set wonky as you trim. The images are the star and wonkiness can help blocks made by different people go together for the lottery winner.

Example finished 4 Polaroid block trimmed to 12.5 inches using the Emerald Coast MQG tutorial:

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for someone who would be willing to sew a blanket from remnants of fleece fabric. The remnants consist of 57 six inch by six inch ragged squares.

    Thank you!